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Hi! I am Goetz Schwandtner, a mathematician and computer scientist from Mainz, Germany.

As mathematician and computer scientist I am fascinated in all kinds of three-dimensional puzzles. Browse my collection including some very interesting and exceptional puzzles in my puzzle gallery Extremely Puzzling!

If you want to see a small Java demonstration applet I have written, have a look at my fractal coastline generator applet. If you prefer J2ME (Midlet)-Java applications, have a look at my midlets page. Some Python examples for Series 60 smartphones can be found here. One of my first computers was a Casio FX-880P, for which some nice programs I present here.



My Puzzle Gallery:
Extremely Puzzling
For my IPP32 Exchange puzzle Acrobat there are now additional challenges available.
Some programming experiments:
Java-Fractals, J2ME-Midlets, Python - PyS60, Casio FX-880P

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