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Hi! I am Goetz Schwandtner, a mathematician and computer scientist from Mainz, Germany.

As mathematician and computer scientist I am fascinated in all kinds of mechanical puzzles. Browse my collection including some very interesting and exceptional puzzles in my puzzle gallery Extremely Puzzling!

If you are interested in computers and old software, you will find some of my past projects, most of them on legacy platforms no longer supported. One of my first computers was a Casio FX-880P, for which some nice programs I present here.

Last but not least, there are some pictures of some 1:87 scale model buses I built (or modded) many years ago: Model bus gallery.



My Puzzle Gallery:
Extremely Puzzling
For my IPP32 Exchange puzzle Acrobat there are now additional challenges available.
Some programming experiments:
Software project pages: Java-Fractals, J2ME-Midlets, Python - PyS60, Casio FX-880P
Model buses:

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