This is a small applet which uses fractal lines to create coastlines.


To use the applet simply draw a line on the applet's canvas.
This line will then be drawn as a (randomly generated) fractal line.

Whenever a new line is drawn, the actual parameters are taken from the input fields.
The values have following meaning:

"Div" is the diversion of the line: Given a line with the endpoints a and b,
the middle point m is taken and a new Point e is drawn on the circle with radius
r = div * dist(a,b) * rand, where rand is a random number between 0 and 1.

Then recursively the lines (a,e) and (e,b) are drawn as fractal lines.
The recursion stops, when dist(a,b) <= EPS .



© by Goetz Schwandtner 11-21-1999