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Casio FX-880P Memomaster is a memory editor allowing to explore and modify the Casio's memory directly.


Memomaster displays the 32 Bytes around the current position in the upper display line (if this display is not deactivated). Special characters have the following meaning:


ASCII-Char 0-31
0ASCII-Char 251-254


ASCII-char 255/hex. FF


Replace char 1 (s. replacement)


Replace char 2 (s. replacement)

The lower line shows addresses and pointer values:
# Anfang ZeileAddress of first char in the display line
CharASCII-value of current char (cursor)
In HEX mode, an H is displayed.
# Akt. PositionAddress of current char (cursor)
Zeigerinhalt Akt.P.Current two (or three) bytes interpreted as pointer value.
In two byte mode a * is displayed.


The following table lists the keyboard commands. The red labelling on the Casio (shifted keys) can be used for remembering the functions.
CursorMove cursor/scroll line
HomePut cursor to line beginning
L.TOP/L.ENDInput offset and move cursor by this offset
MEMOEnter current address directly
EChange pointer value of current two or three bytes
RChange current char:
Enter char or ASCII-code
TSet replace char 1 or 2. These chars will be replaced by inverted 1 or 2 in the display. Deactivate with input 999.
YToggle 2 and 3 byte pointer modes
UToggle hex/decimal display. Input is always decimal.
ZToggle display of first line.
LSearch for string or ASCII value, up to specified position.
PLoad settings from MEMO databank
SHIFT-PSave settings to MEMO databank
BRKQuit program


Memomaster (5kByte)


As Memomaster allows deep access to the system, please read and agree with the disclaimer before running the program.